1 min read Feb 27, 2020

Current Monthly Home-sale Trends for Pierce County, Washington

We all know real estate is local. However, rural home markets and their county’s housing data often gets lost in the shadow of home statistics when national and state-wide real estate reports are released. So if you’re selling a home outside of the big city in your state, you can often feel like you’re flying blind!

As Homeworthy continues to cater to all home sellers across both urban and rural communities in Oregon and Washington, our team is compiling a wealth of real estate information on counties all across the pacific northwest. Not just the big urban or hottest real estate markets.

To keep you in the loop on the latest market dynamics that both sellers and buyers are experiencing in your neighborhood, here’s the latest on Pierce County home-sale trends for February 2020.

This includes the current median sales price, average days on market and the number of sales monthly for towns such as Tacoma, Parkland and Edgewood.

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