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Four Tips For Selling Your Home Online

It’s no secret that the internet has upended and revolutionized the way our economy functions. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to identify an industry that has not been dramatically redefined by this technology. Although the world of real estate can feel remarkably “analog” at times, it has also been reshaped and reimagined thanks to a preponderance of online marketplaces. Whereas the prospect of selling your home without a brokerage service may have seemed incredibly intimidating a decade ago, recent studies have shown that upwards of 25% of homeowners now commit to selling their property without a full-service brokerage agent. With that in mind, here are four tips you can use to streamline your home sale and potentially close the deal using the internet as your primary tool.

Connect with Homeworthy

Homeworthy exists to make selling your home without a brick-and-mortar agency easy and affordable, so our first tip is definitely to take advantage of this tool.

The service first helps you to determine the value of your home, with accurate proprietary software. It uses local knowledge and a short survey filled out by you to make the estimate, and generally lands upon numbers within 2% of the projected sale price.  

Then, Homeworthy builds a marketing strategy including scheduling professional photography of your home—and we’ll talk about the importance of photos more below! It lists your home for sale on top online marketplaces in as little as three days, thanks to clever technology.

If you want to sell your home quickly and affordably, you’re in luck. Homeworthy leverages both local experts and technology to make a home selling experience that costs as little as 1% commission and sells up to 17% faster than the national average.

Promote, promote, promote

There’s no shame in the online home-selling game! While the agency or platform you choose will do a lot of the heavy lifting, you can use your own networks to promote the home you’re selling, too.

Take advantage of your social media accounts and audiences to get the message out—after all, there may be someone in your area looking to upsize or downsize. If your family and friends are willing, have them share your listing too. It may not even be someone in your direct network that falls in love with your home; someone who has seen your post could pass the info on to someone they know that’s on the hunt for a home.

Facebook marketplace is a good tool for spreading the word, too. Basically, use any channels that come to mind to get the word out—you never know where a potential buyer might be.

Splash out on photos

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when selling their properties online is not providing a comprehensive survey of images representing the house for sale. In fact, it would be difficult to provide “too many” photos of an attractive property, particularly one whose assets make it a prime target for buyers.

Given the wide array of new media technology entering the consumer marketplace today, you can also develop immersive media tools, such as a 360-degree image montage or video home walkthrough. These “perks” can help simulate a real-world home walkthrough for home buyers who are primarily interfacing with your listing via the internet. Creating the most realistic possible experience for online home buyers will significantly increase the likelihood of a potential buyer emerging from the digital ecosystem.

Homeworthy can help with organizing for quality imagery when selling your home. We work with professional photographers to get top-notch listing photos.

Selling your home online requires patience, but it’s worth it

Just because you have the world at your fingertips doesn’t necessarily mean that results happen faster online. Much like selling your home in the “real world,” persistence and patience are key. Given the wide array of listings online at any given time, the most successful home sellers are those who don’t panic at the first sign of a lull in interest. Make sure that you approach your home sale with a high degree of discipline.

For example, don’t rush to lower your sale price in an effort to lure buyers. While this tactic may prove to be effective, your primary goal should be to secure the largest possible profit from your sale. This may mean that you are willing to pass up on the temptation of a “quick sale” and find the right buyer who is willing to meet you close to your original sale price.

However, on the whole, selling online can save you time, reduce the fees you pay, and reach a much wider audience than the traditional real estate model. What’s more, selling online—and specifically selling with Homeworthy—puts a lot more of the process in your hands. While there is plenty of help available (Homeworthy is a comprehensive service with professional real estate agents available to help), doing it this way can demystify the experience and allow you more control and oversight.

If you’re interested in finding out more about selling your home online, take a look at the Homeworthy site to see how it works and more on how it compares to the traditional real estate model. We wish you the best in your sale!

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