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Selling Your Home in Winter: Three Tips To Get You Sold, Fast!

You have done your research on all of the different seasons for selling your home. You’ve ruled out summer, fall, and spring for all types of reasons, and you've decided it’s going to be winter. Congrats! You’re selling your home during what many consider to be the offseason…or the hardest season during which to sell a home. But hold on, this is a good thing. If you play your cards right, this might be the best time of year to sell a house.

Why don’t people want to sell a home in the winter? There are many reasons. People are in holiday mode. It’s cold. They don’t want to take their kids out of school. But selling your home in winter has one main advantage: for the reasons we mentioned and more, few other people will be doing it.

A slower market means you have more focused demand and less competition. This is a great time to sell a home because the buyers have fewer options, but still need a home. This dynamic opens up a lot of opportunities for you to sell faster than you would in another more “appealing” season.

More pros to selling in the winter

  • Prospective buyers have more time off from work because it’s the holiday season. This allows them to spend more free time checking out houses online and visiting the potential new homes they really like in person. This isn’t as likely in the late summer when parents are setting their kids up to have a great year in school.
  • You have taxes on your side. There are tax benefits to purchasing a home, and some might like to take advantage of those before the year is over. It’s a ticking clock, so the buyers are more eager and are willing to pull the trigger faster to get that tax break before the new year.

Cons of selling your home in the winter

It’s worth knowing the cons of selling your home in the winter, so you can balance them out with the pros and have a level head going into the season.

  • Although the reduced number of buyers could be a good thing, it means you likely won’t be getting multiple offers that can be used against each other to get the best price. It’s not like the summer where everyone is shopping for a house and activity is very high.
  • An obvious point is that the weather is bleak outside. The fall colors on the leaves have gone by the wayside and the temperature has dropped (and the utility bills have risen). This puts many people in a bad mood. But as you’ll see later in the post, you can use this to your advantage to sell your home faster than in any other season

So now that we know that it can be in your best interest to sell when no one else is, let’s look at some great ways you can optimize for selling your house for the best price and as fast as possible, even without a real estate agent.

Tips for selling a home in the winter months

Spruce up your online presence

Due to it being winter, most people are probably not driving around looking at potential homes in person. There’s probably a lot more browsing from comfy beds or next to fireplaces. Due to this, you should be boosting up your online presence with marketing via ads, content, and other channels to get your home out there. When using a platform like Homeworthy, you have an online profile for your house and help with a comprehensive online marketing campaign. Some other ideas for you to get your home out there online are:

Post to Craigslist — Although it’s old-fashioned, people are still looking here until another company replaces it. It takes a few minutes and can get you some interest from buyers on the internet

Use online ads — If you know your way around online advertising, you can boost your house with FB ads and Google ads. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you know what you’re doing it can lead to plenty of hits on your house.

Start a blog about your house — Content marketing is powerful and very few people use it when selling a house. If you write about your house—or even make videos—and share the content with potential buyers, they’ll think it’s clever and it also keeps your house top of mind as you educate them on why they should buy it. This can help you stand out and sell your house faster. Note—this is what we’re doing with you right now; using a content marketing strategy.

Highlight the coziness of your house

Winter is cold, period. There is very cold weather in some areas like Green Bay and less cold in places like Phoenix, but around the board, it’s still cold. Due to this, when staging your house you should try to highlight the cozy areas of it, and let in as much natural light as you can to create a nice ambiance. When you’re showing people your place have blankets out, the fireplace going, and the heat on. You want the potential buyers to imagine snuggling up in their future home. The cozier you can make it feel, the more they will feel attached to it, regardless of the cold winter.

Shovel your snow

You might like a winter wonderland in your yard, but the potential home buyers coming to an open house want to know what the front lawn will look like in all seasons. Curb appeal matters in all seasons! Due to this, make sure to keep your front and back yard shoveled. If you live in a very snowy area, use salt to help keep the snow at bay. In some climates there’s only so much you can do, but potential buyers will appreciate the effort.

So, winter isn’t a half-bad time to sell after all

It’s a housing market with fewer homes being sold, a chance to make the potential buyers feel cozy, and the opportunity to use the internet to its full potential. We’d argue that there are plenty of good reasons to list your house in winter.

If you do decide to list your home in winter, or any other season for that matter, check out Homeworthy. With a much lower commission, accurate data-driven valuations and modern marketing methods, it’s a new and improved way to sell.

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