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Why selling your home in the Winter is genius

If you look up online “when to sell a home”, you’ll get a lot of opinions. Some may say the Summer is the best time to sell a home because it’s when kids are out of school. Some may say the Fall is the best time because the colors come out. Lastly, others may spring is the best because your family is getting ready for Summer trips. In our view, one of the best times to sell a home is in Winter. Yeah, winter.

Don’t call us crazy, although you may have read that selling your home in winter is a bad idea because it’s chilly outside, there are not as many potential buyers, and everyone is occupied with the holiday. Even with all of those reasons, the smartest homeowners are listing their house and selling them in the Winter. Here are 5 reasons why this is happening (and why it works really well).

Less competition

Most people have a home sale in the Spring or Summer, which have many reasons why they are the top time to sell a home. If most home sellers are focused on selling then, you will have less competition for prospective buyers’ attention in the winter. Based on the laws of supply and demand, the popular spring months will work in your favor if you sell doing the winter months.

Show off your Home’s Ability to Survive in the Winter

In some of the harsher climates, it’s hard to know whether a house is well suited for the frigid winter months when it’s the summer. Sure, the home seller can explain to a buyer that it’s suited, but when selling a home, seeing is believing. Selling your home in the middle of the winter showcases your home's ability to withstand the winter months, which can leave a great first impression during an open house. Buyers can feel the warmth of the AC, as they can stand next to the fireplace. This can help with home staging as well. Any wonder that your home isn't winter-ready it abolished.

Homesellers in the Spring can’t say the same thing though. You can even use this as a sales tactic when marketing your home. People stay in-home’ for decades, so ensuring that yours is going to hold up in the winter months is crucial.

Timing is on your side

Often, when someone views a house, they don’t plan on buying. Some call this “shopping around”. This is common during the summer months because there is so much liquidity in the market, meaning there will always be another house to look at. This makes the selling process more arduous, of course. But the season for buying a house ends in the winter. If you have a homebuyer who is looking at a house in the Winter, they can’t afford to shop around for much longer.

The reason is Spring will come up quickly and then that home will be gone before they know it. This puts light pressure on shoppers in the Winter to be more serious when looking for a home, and not dilly dally around.

Another element to this is that it’s very cold in the winter and homebuyers don’t want to be spending weeks and weeks driving around looking at new houses. They are likely wanting a home for the holiday, or at least for the remainder of the cold months, so when they are looking for a home, they mean business. Use these forces to your advantage when selling a home.

Companies bonuses and restructurings

At the end of the year, professionals are often compensated with their bonuses from work, and they usually want to spend these bonuses. This means that your buyers MAY be more prone to dropping a down payment than in other months where bonuses aren’t as common.

Along the same lines, the corporation often relocates its workers in the Winter months. Due to this, there may be professionals looking for a home, in the cases where they wouldn't be in the Spring. This lends itself well to people selling small homes

Don’t worry about landscape as much

If you live in an area where it snows, you don't have to worry about mowing your lawn weekly and making sure the presentation is nice. At most, you’ll need to shovel snow to make sure that is presentable. This may seem like a small perk but it actually is a major one, as lawn care and maintenance costs hundreds and sometimes thousands when you need to make sure it always looks good. It also gives homebuyers a reason to focus more on the house itself. Curb appeals look good out of the box in the winter.

You may be able to list your home at a higher price

Based on the laws of supply and demand, you may be able to list your home at a higher market value, simply because there aren’t as many homes being listed in the Winter. Homes are more in demand, which means you are able to command a higher price! Note, pricing your home is an art and a science, and we can help over at Homeworgt making sure you’re pricing your home correctly.

The season is bleak and emotions are running

This reason is not one to overlook. During the winter, it’s cold. It’s the holiday season. Usually, it’s the family season as well. Few people want to spend all their time looking for a house. At the same time, their moods may be slightly dimmer due to the effect that the winter clouds can have on emotions. This leads to buyers making faster decisions, potentially sometimes on impulse just to finish the search and enjoy the winter season. As a home seller, you can use this to your advantage.

You came into this post potentially thinking that winter was the worst time to sell your home. I hope you can see now that it’s actually a good choice to go against the grain and sell in the winter. if you need any help listing your home and getting it out in the market, please check out Homeworthy and let us know how we can help!

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